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Finding the Best designer to Inspire future!

​評審分別從學術界 / 媒體界 / 實務界 / 產業界以及課程教育界整合,遴選出最值得代表 BIM 室內設計應用趨勢的台灣代表人物。進行從設計應用到技術整合的全面性評選,作品將基於以下標準進行評審:

  1. 作品之【整合應用與資訊架構規劃】細節性。

  2. 針對實務工作與設計美感【軟體應用上之使用深度】。

  3. 【圖面安排】美感與序列整合程度。

  4. Autodesk Revit 的【使用技巧和效率】。

The judges, consisting of experts from academia, media, industry, practical fields, and educational institutions, will collaboratively select the most notable figure in Taiwan representing the trends in BIM interior design application. A comprehensive evaluation will encompass design application and technical integration. The judging criteria will be based on the following:

  1. Integration and Information Architecture Planning: The level of detail in integrating application and information  in the works.

  2. Depth of Software Application for Practical Work and Design Aesthetics: The depth of software application concerning practical work and design aesthetics.

  3. Visual Arrangement: The aesthetic appeal and level of integration in visual layouts.

  4. Skill and Efficiency in Using Autodesk Revit: Proficiency in using Autodesk Revit and efficiency in its application.

Our Jury.




By collectively harnessing the knowledge and expertise of industry, government, and academia, we aim to focus on and select the most suitable practical projects to represent the promotion and development of the design industry. This will have an impact on the development of the design field in academic education, practical work, media promotion, and industry responsiveness. Furthermore, it will serve as a declaration to the world of Taiwan's strength and influence in the design industry.



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